Single or multi page invites

Send your guests their invite via email or other means that contain a website link from your very own Getting Married Website. Saving money on more traditional invites that do not see the light of day after opening and helping the environment by saving on paper / card.


RSVP forms for your guest

Receive an email to your chosen email address with your guests RSVP which can contain any info you require, such as what they are attending, number of people, meal choices, dietary requirements and more all from a single form on your Getting Married Website


Bride & Groom's story

Let everyone know how you met and your very own love story on your own Personal Wedding Website. Describing on what dates the main events happened so that you arrived at your special date such as, the first time you met, the proposal, etc…


Details of your day

Display details of your wedding day for your guests.With information for such things as the ceremony or the Wedding breakfast and the reception


Presents or Contributions

In this section you could offer your guests a full presents list that you would prefer. Or you could even allow your guests to make money contributions directly on the site so that they do not need to bring money on the big day.

The list above is by no means the complete list of elements you could have on your own Getting Married Website. There are other options such as places to stay, song requests and galleries or anything else you would like to display information or have user interaction with your guests. Your personal wedding website can be tailored to your needs.

For more example of how the elements could work, please see our demos here