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Hi, my name is Paul, I am a freelance Web Designer and I have created this website after creating my own Personal Wedding Website. I found that there wasn’t anything out there for a “Getting Married Website” that was what I wanted. Sure, there are the so called “Free” sites that promise this that and the other, but they just don’t deliver and have hidden costs. With the website I created, our guests were able to RSVP, make Wedding Breakfast choices, make song requests, give gift contributions and generally find out more about the venue and the day itself. You can see more of the elements here

Please feel to have a look yourself https://www.paulandmichelles-wedding.co.uk obviously the counter has run out but everything else still works.

Or alternatively you can look at some different layout examples here.

I hope to hear from you soon on how I can help with your special day.

A getting married website that saves you time and money

Online Invitation

Send a group email to all your invites with a link to your website saving at least £100 on invitations!

Receive replies

Keep track of RSVP's, menu choices, song requests, etc with emails to your chosen email addresses.

Accept Gifts

Make things easier for your guests by offering a present list or accept money contributions online

Local Info

Advise places to stay, about the venue, display a map on how to get to your venue and more...


Display all your favourite photos of you and your partner and all the people you hope to share your day with

Wedding Colours

Match the colours of your website to your Wedding theme colours.

Sample Websites

Below are a few sample websites that display varying layouts and a choice of modules that can be included or not in your website depending on your needs. From a one page invitation to a fully functioning multiple page site with a great number of modules.
getting married website example
wedding rsvp website example
personal wedding website example

Click on any image to see the full demo

rsvp website example
getting married website demo

Less hassle with a Getting Married Website

With the average Wedding cost now over the £30,000 mark in the UK, a couple of hundred pounds saving I guess is here nor there. But it’s a saving at least. But how much is your time worth? I found that receiving emails with RSVP’s and Meal choices was so much easier than receiving in the post and keeping track of them, making sure they did not go missing before I added the info into a spreadsheet. And then whenever I needed to double check I had everything correct, I could simply look through the emails. Less hassle and a real time saver which when you are planning a Wedding is like gold dust. So with a Getting Married Website, the saving on stationery may not be huge in the grand scheme of things, but the saving of time is huge!

Hire Me

Please feel free to contact me with any personal wedding website enquiries you may have.



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